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fot. Magda Skrzeczkowska


The SEPR Library is a series of popular science books published jointly by the Automatophone Foundation and the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź. Subsequent publications about the Polish Radio Experimental Studio are devoted not only to profiles of the most important artists of the Warsaw center, but also to the multidirectional influence of SEPR on Polish and Eastern European culture. So far, the series has published the titles "Black Room and Other Rooms" (Czarny pokój i inne pokoje) edited by Michal Libera and Michal Mendyk, "Patowski. Ambassador of Music from Mars" (Patowski. Ambasador muzyki z Marsa) by Agnieszka Pindera, and "Birds and People. A documentary ballad about Eugeniusz Rudnik" (Ptacy i ludzie. Ballada dokumentalna o Eugeniuszu Rudniku) by Boleslaw Blaszczyk and others).

Paper copies are available here and here

The book „Ptacy i ludzie. Ballada dokumentalna o Eugeniuszu Rudniku” is also available in ebook version (in Polish): EPUB  MOBI  PDF


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