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The Automatophone Foundation is run by experienced curators, animators and producers: Kasia Świętochowska and Michał Mendyk. Our activities are focused on redefining music and listening processes in the contemporary socio-technological context. We are engaged in research in the field of new media as well as initiatives co-created with minority groups ("Opera for the Deaf" organised with Deaf community in Warsaw or the experimental-folk Radical Polish Culture movement); we are also interested in the history of sound art, experimental music and sound media. We have published two popular science books about the Polish Radio Experimental Studio ("Black Room and Other Rooms" and "Patkowski. Ambassador of Mars Music"), as well as over a dozen phonographic publications with contemporary music.


Kasia Świętochowska

  • LinkedIn - Grey Koło

Michał Mendyk


Karmelicka 1/34

00-149 Warsaw, Poland

NIP 5252723999

KRS 0000695823

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