In 1951 John Cage, one of the most controversial music visionaries, entered the anechoic chamber at Harvard University to experience perfect silence. It proved, however, to be perfectly impossible. In a state of total isolation from all exterior stimuli, at least two sounds are still able to reach our auditory system: those generated by our nervous and our circulatory system. Even the Deaf constantly experience sounds as vibrations through their bodies. The total character of the acoustic experience is especially significant today. Sounds are all around us: they come from the street, the radio, TV, our computers and phones. Unlike our eyes, we can never shut our ears.

As a group of experts in music and sound we know that this element should not be feared. It can stimulate our curiosity, bring pleasure, encourage deep reflection and be a source of important questions. We use the experiences of western classical and experimental music as well as non-European musical cultures in practice, and we combine them with the newest technological, scientific and social discoveries. It is worth to understand, tame and adapt sounds to our needs—turn them into a friendly ocean we can safely and pleasantly drift on.

We are open to collaboration with prominent cultural and scientific institutions, as well as activists and NGO, businesses, representatives of excluded groups, composers, artists and self-proclaimed experimentalists.

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