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Lucia Dlugoszewski is a forgotten composer, centered around John Cage, of the New York experimental school. Interestingly, she was born in 1925 to a family of émigrés from Plock, and until the end of her life wrote poetry in the Mickiewicz language and invited representatives of the American artistic elite to Polish dinners. Her work focused on sound as such, presented within works of a meditative or, on the contrary, spontaneous, wild character. These explorations earned her a commission from the New York Philharmonic and the prestigious Koussevitzky International Recording Award in the 1970s, among others. The fact that the artist, who died in 2000, fell into oblivion for more than two decades was undoubtedly determined by her difficult character, but also by her conflict with John Cage and the conspicuous distinctiveness of her music against the mainstream of the era.

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Europe's leading new music ensemble Klangforum Wien, among others, are convinced that Lucia Dlugoszewski's work is definitely worth returning to. Automatophone is supporting these organisations in an extensive research, phonographic and concert project aimed at restoring the works of the Polish-American composer to the canon of 20th century art.

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